Everyone's walking around

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Author: András Dániel

I don't know about you, but my head can be a bit of a come and go at times! There are strange characters pushing and shoving each other around inside, like passers-by on a busy city street on a weekday afternoon. Occasionally, one of them will wander off while I'm scribbling on a piece of paper - say, when I'm on the phone, thinking, staring, or something that should be boring me a bit. Except, as you know, the scribbles usually end up in the wastepaper basket, or better still, in the bottom of a drawer. I felt like that needed to change! Hence this book, where I let the figures in my head and on the paper scribbles swarm - free to do as they please! And you can look at them and even make up their stories.  Because they all have a story, I'm sure!

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Technical specs
  • age group: 4-99
  • 24 pages
  • W200 x H220 mm
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