The Ninth Life of the Cat Prince

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Author: Dóri Gimesi
Illustrator: Katalin Szegedi

The Cat Prince is a city slicker who wanders the rooftops at night, looking in through windows and purring sweet nothings into the hearts of many girls. One day, he meets Alinka, the diminutive Spring Fairy. They soon fall in love and get married, beginning their own ’happily ever after’ with the Cat Prince promising to mend his ways and bring his nocturnal wanderings to an end. But when spring comes around once more, he's back to his nocturnal perambulations. Alinka curses him and they part company... for a very long time. Two heart-wrenching, captivating tales in a single book about love and everything that happens when ’happily ever after’ comes to an end.
Story book.

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Technical specs
  • age group: 5-10
  • categories: picture books, fiction
  • 48 pages
  • W210 x H270 mm