The Maverick Hotel

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Author: Eszter Molnár T.
Illustrator: Jacqueline Molnár

Riki is often overlooked by her parents as they are too busy to pay attention to the little girl. Her grandma is the landlord of the Maverick

Hotel and gives shelter to homeless people who turn up at her doorstep and have no permanent work, and thus feel useless and un- wanted. Riki regularly visits her grandma, where she gets to know all the skilled but unemployed social castaways. Not many children’s books have the courage to talk about homelessness with the observant, non-judgmental eyes of children, who have not yet learnt to look away. It’s about people who are just like us, with the same problems, joys, mistakes and desires that we have.

A classic children’s story full of wonders, understanding and amazing characters.

Children's fiction. Novel.

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Technical specs
  • age group: 6-10
  • category: fiction
  • 112 pages
  • W165 x H210 mm