The Earl of Sandwich and the Neapolitan Pizza

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Author: Györgyi Kalas
Illustrator: Ildi Horváth

Has it ever occurred to you that every type of food has his own story? Putting a bit of salami between two slices of bread and calling it a sandwich was not always obvious. Humans have always loved experimenting and discovering new flavours and new foods. That is how we have developed a very diverse gastronomic culture with many delicious dishes. Most of our food has been around for as long as we humans have been, and there are many interesting stories to tell. These are presented to you in this book. It’s not a cookbook, but a very interesting history of our favourite dishes.

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Technical specs
  • age group: 5-10
  • categories: non-fiction, series
  • 88 pages
  • W190 x H220 mm