Children's Book of the Year in 2007 for 'Rumini' - IBBY Hungary

József Attila Award in 2011

Children's Book of the Year in 2020 for 'Az őrzők' - IBBY Hungary)

Judit Berg


Judit Berg is the author of numerous titles, including the celebrated children's book series Rumini, which tells the tales of a seafaring mouse. The first volume of Rumini was a Christmas gift printed at home for her little girl, the then pre-schooler Lilu, who asked for another for the following Christmas as well, and so came the second book. Since then, the mouse's adventures have been awarded children's book of the year, it has become a must-read in many schools, and their author has received the Attila József Award. Her work as a storybook author is unique in that her books have addressed and conquered all ages, from the youngest pre-schoolers to adolescents. Her volumes are sold in tens of thousands of copies, and her most popular fairy-tale figures are already coming to life in summer camps, playgrounds, theatre performances and films.

Her works have been translated into English and German, Italian, Serbian, Russian, Dutch, Polish, Swedish, Czech, Romanian and Chinese.

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